Stainless Steel Cable

SSI’s stainless steel coaxial cable assemblies incorporate a stainless steel jacketed coaxial cable with welded cable/connector interfaces. The additional strength and corrosion resistance of these assemblies is a definite advantage in extreme mechanical or atmospheric environments. A typical copper cable failure, whether during installation or under environmental stresses, can result in increased costs through system downtime, fault isolation, and replacement. The true economy of stainless steel assemblies can be easily recognized as competitive advantage.

SSI constructs stainless steel cable by drawing a stainless steel jacket over a thin copper outer conductor. The stainless steel jacket gives the cable superior mechanical strength, shielding and corrosion resistance while the copper outer conductor provides optimum conductivity. SSI offers stainless steel cable in .093, .145, and .240-inch outer diameters with solid, medium loss, and low loss PTFE dielectrics. Steel inner conductor in place of copper is also an option. Special diameters available upon request


SSI’s stainless steel cable assemblies overcome the solder joint weakness of other semi-rigid assemblies by using GTAW (gas-tungsten-arc weld) cable/connector attachment. This fusion weld process yields a connector joint that is stronger than the original metals being joined. Torque and tensile strength are enhanced such that joint failures are virtually eliminated.

The welded cable/connector joint also improves performance at cryogenic temperatures (below 80 degrees Kelvin). Standard soldered joints tend to crack and fail at these low temperatures, but SSI’s welded connections continue to provide reliable service.

Stresses that are not rejected in a copper cable assembly are absorbed in the metal as cold working (work hardening), fatigue, and eventual failure of either the copper jacket of the tin-lead solder joint. A stainless steel assembly will experience much less fatigue and failure than a non-ferrous jacketed cable during the common stress of installation, vibrations, and shock.


Mechanical performance conditions can be difficult to characterize for coaxial cables. The stresses they are subjected to are the result of configuration, tolerances, and dynamic conditions. Many times a cable will meet MIL or industry standards but fail in the system. SSI has performed extensive testing which clearly shows stainless steel cable assemblies as the best choice for mechanical performance.


SSI gives a 5-year warranty on all stainless steel cables assemblies. We have never had a return!

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