State-of-the-art semi-automatic equipment

SSI utilizes a full range of up-to-date equipment to ensure that all assemblies are made to strict quality standards and customer specifications, including devices for cutting, stripping, bending, and soldering and welding.

  • Cutting: Proprietary equipment, Prazi lathes, and Schleuniger semi-automatic cutting machines are used to cut and finish cable to precise lengths.
  • Laser Stripping: Multiple laser strippers are utilized to precisely cut dielectric and /or jacketing as required for proper assembly techniques.
  • Mechanical Stripping: Various Schleuniger and other equipment are used to accurately prepare flexible and semi-rigid cable.
  • Soldering:Soldering equipment is kept up-to-date and in good condition to insure proper soldering techniques.
  • Bending: SSI has developed proprietary computerized, semi-automatic, bending equipment to precisely bend semi-rigid cable, in conjunction with CAD programs.
  • Welding: SSI has developed specialized TIG welding equipment for welding stainless steel connectors and cable, ensuring strong and sealed connections.
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