SSi Equipment
  • How soon can I get my cables?

The standard lead time is 4 to 8 weeks after you place your order. However, you can expedite your order for an additional fee.

  • What is your warranty period?

5 years for stainless steel cable assemblies, but have yet to see any failures. We will correct any assembly if it is shown to be our error.

  • Can I place a blanket order?

Yes, you can schedule up to 1 year, SSI has terms that are negotiable. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

  • What if a connector breaks?

If the connector breaks, SSI can send you a replacement connector and assembly for a replacement fee.

What Our Clients Say

SSI Cable Corp.

Today there are numerous coaxial cable and connectors to choose from. SSI will help you pick what is the best fit for your design. SSI can provide:

  • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
    copper, aluminum & stainless steel
  • Flexible cable assemblies
  • Delay lines
  • Phase matched assemblies
  • Cryogenic assemblies
  • Wire harnesses
  • Wire preps