Cable Assembly Guide

Possibly. The standard SSI construction is guaranteed from -55 to +150°C. For lower temperatures, special manufacturing procedures are required to stabilize cable performance. At higher temperatures, different materials may be required. Gore has space-qualified several of our cable assemblies to below -180°C. If your environment extends beyond the range of -55 to +150°C, please contact Gore to specify the appropriate construction.

What Our Clients Say

SSI Cable Corp.

Today there are numerous coaxial cable and connectors to choose from. SSI will help you pick what is the best fit for your design. SSI can provide:

  • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
    copper, aluminum & stainless steel
  • Flexible cable assemblies
  • Delay lines
  • Phase matched assemblies
  • Cryogenic assemblies
  • Wire harnesses
  • Wire preps