Exceptional Service SSI Cable Corporation has been manufacturing microwave coaxial cable assemblies since 1989.

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Highest Quality All components and manufacturing methods are monitored and examined to ensure product specifications are met.

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Unmatched Reliabiity We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality cable assemblies and delivering them on time.

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What is the SSI difference?
SSI Cable stands behind our products with warranties as long as five years. Modern electronic systems are expensive, complex, and need to be reliable; cable assemblies should not be a problem. Come to SSI Cable Corp. for your next cable assembly needs. ​ Get More Information

Image Stainless Steel Advantage
SSI’s Stainless Steel coaxial cable assemblies have 100% reliability rating. These carefully constructed coaxial cable assemblies incorporate a stainless steel jacketed coaxial cable with welded cable/connector interfaces. Get More Information

Image Cable Selection
You can select from various types of cables such as stainless steel, rigid, semi-rigid, or semi-flex. Learn the advantages of different cable types to make your selection. Get More Information

Image Connector Selection
There are different types of coaxial connectors such as SMA, SMP and BMA interfaces. The connectors also come in variety of configurations and mounting styles: straight, right angle, bulkhead, flange, or surface mount. Get More Information

Image Choosing Connectors and Cable Type
There are many types of connectors and cables to choose from. The Cable Assembly Guide will help you specify the best connector and cable combination to meet your design. Get More Information

Image State-of-the-art Equipment
A full range of semi-automatic equipment for cutting, laser stripping, mechanical stripping and pointing as well as SSI's proprietary bending machine for TIG Welding. Get More Information

SSI Cable Corp.

Today there are numerous coaxial cable and connectors to choose from. SSI will help you pick what is the best fit for your design. SSI can provide:

  • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
    copper, aluminum & stainless steel
  • Flexible cable assemblies
  • Delay lines
  • Phase matched assemblies
  • Cryogenic assemblies
  • Wire harnesses
  • Wire preps

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